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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

December 21st, 2012

In this post, I re-visit the question on most everyone's mind this year...

What is going to happen on December 21st, 2012?

Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar has been viewed as being on of the most accurate calendar based systems ever created. The funny thing is, the calendar ends on December 21st, 2012. Some claim that there will be some form of shift in the human consciousness at this time. Like, an awakening of sorts. Similar to the Hopi Indians prediction of a Fifth World opening up to us and changing our perception on life.

Lately, I am seeing how the Mayan calendar has been miss-interpreted and that absolutely nothing will happen.

Magnetic Polar Shifts

When Tampa's airport shut down it's primary runway due to the magnetic polar shift causing false navigational readings, that was pretty alarming to some people. Tossing a compass off 10 degrees seems like a big shift, doesn't it? They claimed it to be a rare occurrence and everyone pretty much forgot about it and moved on.

Sun Flares

Solar storms and flares have been increasing according to multiple reports. I have found that it is rather funny that even Newt Gingrich had mentioned in passing that he is more scared of an EMP(electromagnetic pulse) than anything else. "Without adequate preparation, we would basically lose our civilization in a matter of seconds," Newt said during a 2009 conference. Could an electromagnetic solar storm knock out most of our electronics in a certain scenario?

Alien Disclosure

Some Ufologist believe we are on the dawn of enlightenment and full disclosure of extraterrestrial life. Whether it will be our government sharing the news, or a mass alien landing are yet to be seen. With the continual increase in sightings through over the past few years, it kind of seems like this could be happening already.

Nuclear Holocaust

You don't need to be a physic to figure out that our world is in big trouble when it comes to foreign affairs and the global economy. Tensions with Iran are at an all time high and they even moved the doomsday clock up to 5 minutes to midnight because of nuclear stockpile issues. With Russia and China taking sides with Iran, we could be looking at World War III if anything ever transpired.

Nibiru(Planet X)

Long thought of as a "doom-bringer" planet that was first predicted to pass by the earth in 2003, it was thought to cause major physical shift in the planet's poles, possibly causing the crust to shift bringing global disasters. Some still believe that the planet is on a collision course with earth and that this may occur in 2012.

NASA/World Government

So, what does the world governments or NASA say they know about this possible up coming event? Are they actually covering up an impending doom?

NASA has claimed that we will see an increase in possible solar storms from our sun. That is all they say at this time.

The United States government has taken a stance that nothing is going to happen, yet they seem to make preparations for some sort of event. Underground bases, FEMA camps, FEMA emergency training, money hording(banks, corporations, wall st.), etc.

I find it kind of funny that most people either ignore or want to remain oblivious to possible scenarios going on around them. They ignore governmental issues, as well as possible impending doom. 

Whatever happens on that day, I know I for one will be taking a vacation day if possible just to be sure I can be close to my family and big bottle of Jack Daniels in case the SHTF.