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Friday, August 9, 2013

"It's a MIRACLE!!!"

"It's a miracle!" Yes. Those words have been heard and said by people on many occasions. Usually in situations where someone has beatin' extreme odds. From Jesus' face appearing on a piece of toast, to surviving near certain death. But, do miracles truly exist?

I have seen this video floating around on the internet and was intrigued by the story. A 19 year old girl woman named Katie Lentz was trapped in a car in Center, MO when a catholic priest came out of nowhere and started praying for her immediately after she asked for prayers. There were multiple eyewitnesses to this event. even the first responders believe this was a true miracle.

The weirdest part about the story was that after they freed her, the priest had vanished from the site. They said the road was blocked and that there was no other accessibility to cars from that location cause the road was blocked off due to the accident.

So, what truly happened there? Some claim it was a miracle. Some claim it was an angel in the image of a catholic priest. Maybe it was Jesus disguised as a priest coming to aid the poor girl that was calling out for prayers? Nobody knows.

I have heard others exclaim, "Well, if it was a real angel, where was he during the Connecticut shooting? Or the Batman massacre?" Here is my take on this from a logical 'faith' point of view....

If you were so inclined to believe that an angel or God performed a miracle at this crash site, then you must believe in the other side of the coin. Yes. I am referring to 'evil'. Pure and simple.

So, according to the bible, evil can take on many shapes and forms. Like... a psycho killer, perhaps? In my book, this is the most heinous of all evils. Maybe sometimes evil is so extreme that a 'miracle' just can't happen. No matter how hard you pray or try, it just doesn't show up. Not to say that you shouldn't try... but you get the point.

Let's look at this another way... What if there truly is an afterlife and angels on the other side just let these things happen because they know everything will be 'ok' once someone have crossed over? Obviously, we look at certain situations as a tragedy... but 'What if...'?

Nobody has the answers to these questions until the inevitable end. I have read numerous reports on NDE's (Near Death Experiences) over the years. I know that the majority on NDE's believe wholeheartedly in an afterlife and have little to no fear of dying after such an experience.

Until next time... keep praying if you feel the need to. It can do nothing but help in my opinion.

UPDATE: An artist has created a sketch of the miraculous disappearing priest from the crash scene. The Catholic priest does not appear in any of the nearly 70 photos taken at the crash scene. Here is that sketch below: