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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

See ya 2010! Hello 2011!!!

Been an amazing year... What can I say but I have encountered some pretty crazy things in 2010. To recap, I have heard 6 disembodied voices(one with an attendee of our BCP event), had my hair played with, seen things I can't explain, and much, much more.

I assembled a team of die-hard paranormal investigators that kick serious ass in the field. It blows my mind how solid this team is and the evidence we collect is bizarre. Like I always say, stay positive and it will happen.

My "thank you's" are as follows...

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your support this past year. Especially my family. You have all been amazing!

To the SPR team, you guys are all outstanding investigators. Some of the best in the field of the paranormal. Looking forward to see what the future brings us in 2011. We have a few surprises in the works. Stay tuned for more...

Special thanks goes out to Paul Bradford(GHI), Britt Griffith(GH/GHI), Burlington County Prison, CreepyHollowGear.com, Marisa Bozarth(Curator for BCP), Fort Mifflin, Jason's Woods, GAC members, Eastern State Penitentiary, PhantomLite.com, Ron Smith(ARS Radio), Angela Singh(ARS Radio), GhostStop.com, Dustin Pari(GHI), Shannon Sylvia(GHI), Jc Nazareth, Dave Jones(Para X Radio), John Zaffis(Para X Radio), Scott Gruenwald, Mount Holly Library, Scotty Roberts, Jennifer Baker Hitt(everydayparanormal), Dave Juliano(SJGR), Richard Barconi Jr.(Medium) for 2010 and beyond!

If I didn't list you, don't think I forgot you. I am just tired of typing... :P

... and very special thanks to all of the spirits that we encountered along the way.

SEE YOU ALL IN 2011!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Trip to India

I just got back from my first trip to India a few weeks ago. Still getting over jet-lag and getting things back in order. Man, funny how a 2 week trip like this can knock you off your game.

Anyway, I went to some pretty cool locations. Did a little bit of investigating over there, but nothing came up as conclusive. Either way, extremely awesome locations.

So, why I am writing about this on my paranormal blog? Well, I guess it has to do with adventuring into the unknown. For some people, it takes a lot to travel half way across the globe to a country you barely understand. Let's face it, we all like our comfort zones, but every once in a while, we all need to venture out of the norm.

India is different in many aspects when you compare to life in the United States. Cows in the streets of Mumbai, hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic, Goa's amazing beaches, etc. People kept asking me, "Do you like India?" I would always answer the same way... India is just different. Do I like it? Sure, somethings are great. Do I dislike it? Certain aspects I was not crazy about, but it is just... different from my norm.

Let me leave it as this... Everyone should experience India for themselves. It is has exactly the same things I look for in paranormal investigations. New, undiscovered worlds to explore.

Lately, it seems to me, that 'fear of the unknown' is nothing more than a time waster. My advice to you is to get out and explore your world. Don't wait until it is too late to try new things. Life moves way too fast not to go out and explore what you can.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


That's right paranormal fans, join SPR on a ghost hunt to one of the most haunted locations in the United States on Friday, April 8th, 2011 at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA. We are taking only 30 people with us on an investigation of a life time. The evidence we have collected from this location is can be seen back in this blog. Come see for yourself what we experience first hand.

Only $70 per person is required through Paypal to secure your spot. Non-refundable. All proceeds go directly to the Eastern State Penitentiary.
Please email us before making payment to check for availability.

All participants will be required to bring their own equipment if they so wish(flashlight, audio recorder, camera, etc.) and sign a liability waiver.

If you are interested in going on this 5 hour paranormal investigation with one of the most prominent paranormal investigative teams in the tri-state area, send an email: scream21431@comcast.net

Click the image above to see the kick-ass poster!