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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Death Wish Coffee Review

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life would be meaningless...

You see this black box above? Yeah. That is what some people think happens when you die. Atheists to be exact. They think then when you die, your entire world ends. That there is nothing left and you just stop existing all together. Kind of sad, huh?

I look at the idea of an afterlife with an uncertain view at times. I tend to think how meaningless life would be with out an afterlife. Sometimes I dream of a place to share what you have learned throughout your life, to reflect back upon your life, to see passed relatives, or even possibly start over in another life. The question is, what value is life if we just cease to exist?

I follow the rules of Law of Conservation of Mass first discovered in 1785 by Antoine Lavoisier which states:

 matter is neither created nor destroyed.

Even Albert Einstein announced his discovery of the equation E = mc2 and, as a consequence, the two laws above were merged into the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy:

the total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant.

Doesn't that mean that we would be foolish to think that a form of life does not exist after we die? I understand that ignorance is bliss, but how could a human being not understand the answers that are readily available through science. Mass = energy. Energy = mass. Only converted, never destroyed.

I have seen a great amount of credible evidence that proves to me life after death, yes. I have also seen many people joke about the idea, never entertaining the true paranormal. They create fake pictures, falsify findings, make up stories, poke fun at the idea, etc. For what? To try and score five minutes of fame? To ridicule something that they do not understand? For fear of the unknown? Please...

With the answers all around us, I find it hard to believe that people still don't see that the value of life as being more to it than what is shown on the outside. We all live our lives running around like squirrels trying to gather nuts year round. Never taking more time to discover, love and live.