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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fear of Death

Thanatophobia. The fear of death. It is inevitable. There is no way of avoiding it completely. Eventually, all living things die. Not so easy to accept, is it? Kind of frightening when you think about it...

"Thanks a lot Chris! I was enjoying my day till I read this post!" I'm sorry for posting about this, but I think it truly needs to be discussed. I feel this is a truth that you either accept as a part of life, or fear at times throughout your life. You make a family, friends, career, home, money... Then one day, it's all gone... and so are you. Poof!

Being a paranormal investigator is one of the things in my life that allows me to help control my own fear of death. Some use religion, I use the paranormal as my method to confront death. I owe much to the field of paranormal research. It has proven to be a great way to understanding death, and not fearing it. Logically approaching the field of the paranormal really proved to be valuable in more ways than one.

Some skeptical people will say, "Dude, the paranormal is fake! When we die, it's lights out. Nothing more." I feel bad for people that feel this way. Since they have either been watching certain paranormal TV shows that fake findings, or have never truly been out on a paranormal investigation before. Atheists have there place in the paranormal world, they just don't know it. I for one believe in God. Not because I have met him, but because of faith.

I remember hearing my first real EVP. Wow. Did my world open up... It was at that point that I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about death, spirits, and anything paranormal. I feel as though I am pretty lucky that I can actually hear disembodied voices... and I am not schizophrenic because I capture them on audio at the same time of hearing them. It maybe that I hear certain frequency ranges better than others. Who knows... I just know they are real.

One thing I dread is the day my daughter approaches me about death. I would hate for her to realize one day that daddy and mommy won't be here one day. The only proven comfort I have for her is my paranormal findings throughout the years. At this age, she is still a bit fearful of ghosts. Maybe in the future when she approached me about the idea of death, I can revisit that idea.

Another thing we fail to look at is advancement in medicine. Is it crazy to think that maybe with all the advancements in medicine that living forever could be possible? Read this article here to learn more about the concept that scientists are currently working on: http://www.livescience.com/6967-hang-25-year-wait-immortality.html 

Until next time... Live life like you are going to die.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

...and we wait... again.

Right now, as it stands, the Scream Paranormal Research team and I are currently up for a few paranormal series TV shows... yet again

Yeah. It's like beating a dead horse... then beating it again, and again, and again... and then again. Is it frustrating? You bet it is. We are constantly being looked at for a reality TV show series and never get the network commitment. Is this the 128th time to charm? Who the hell knows. At this time, it is barely even blog worthy to write about it. I refuse to hold my breath any longer waiting on a show. The chances of successfully getting a network to buy and air your show is like 1,000,000 to 1. I think we have a better chance of catching Bigfoot to be honest...

What also sucks is the fact that anyone can call me a liar. Sure. Go for it. It won't be the first time... It really blows when you sign a non-disclosure agreement and are told not to say anything about the show. All I know is that the casting directors and production houses are real. Is the opportunity real? They say it is, so I guess I have to believe them. Am I skeptical? Yep. 100% until proven otherwise with a show confirmation.

For the record, the team and I have fun doing the casting interviews. We have even done sizzle reels, pilot episodes, and a few one-off shows for A&E Biography and Syfy. It's all in good fun and we have a blast doing them. Once the waiting starts, I just shut the whole thing off. It's best for everyone to do so. Dwelling on a "maybe" on a constant basis really sucks.

The one thing I have come to notice lately is that some of the older paranormal TV shows are just down right boring and fake as hell. It's like they don't even try to investigate anymore. They have had their time on TV and I feel it is time they move on to other ventures. I'm sorry, but their investigations get boring week after week. Even though I'd call some of these people my friends, it doesn't mean I have to like their shows. What makes it worse is when they start with the demon possessions, capturing a ghost, and other bullshit associated with the episode.

Given the chance, I know for a fact that my team and I could do a million times better then the shows that are currently airing on network. Sad thing is, we may never get the chance to prove it. Oh well... In the meantime, it's time for me to take out the garbage for tomorrows pickup. Be right back...