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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zombie Gift Giving Guide 2013

HO! HO! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! Zombie Santa is about to start making his rounds again this year. That's right kiddies! That means it's time to put together my GIFT GUIDE 2013 for all of my paranormal investigator and horror friends!

So... What is on Zombie Santa's list this year? Let's take a look...

$14.99 - Zombie Pets Plush - Sometimes saying, "I want to eat your brains" isn't enough to show someone you care. Giving a Zombie Pet is a great one to show them that Xmas is the new 'Season of the Zombie'! Give till it hurts with this one... Bitey - a possibly rabid baby werewolf, Deadington Ruxworth - a stuffed bear, or Frostbite - an undead penguin are the choices.

$7.79 - Zombie Ceramic Mug - Almost EVERYONE knows I love zombies AND coffee. So, my next gift idea is the perfect gift in my eyes. Show everyone your love for the upcoming zombie apocalypse by drinking from a ceramic zombie head.

$399 - GoPro Hero3+ Camera - I love documenting my adventures in the paranormal field. Why not document the zombie apocalypse as well? With this camera, you could be the last survivor and STILL document the outbreak. Can shoot up to 4k resolution I believe as well.

$850 -GoPro 3+ Plus Black Modified Lens IR Camera (Infrared) - Want a GoPro HD Hero3+ already modded with infrared? This is one option you can go with if you don't want to mod a standard model yourself. Not sure of the distance you can get with the IR, but you can always add IR illuminators if need be.

$53.99 - Creepy Hollow IR Illuminators - GhostStop sells the Creepy Hollow IR extenders that creator Paul Bradford from GHI has designed. I have owned a few of these for about 3 years now. Still works great and the battery life is awesome. Funny ad picture, eh?

$400 - Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow with Red Dot Sight - Yeah. I went there... You don't want the zombies to hear you defending yourself, do you? Here is your answer. With a draw weight of only 150lbs. and a light weight composite stock. Package includes: Premium red-dot sight, three arrows, and 4-arrow quiver.

$20 - State of Decay - XBOX Live Arcade Download - Need practice before the zombie outbreak takes place? No problem This game on XBOX Live Arcade shows promise. It's all about survival and this game keeps you on your toes. In the game, you will get tired, need food to survive, etc. Harrowingly, you can realistically only run for a short time before you’re tired and have to stop for breath. Perm-a-death in the game for your character if you die. It's like living the real deal! IGN Review: 8.9.

$95 - Waling Dead Series 3 Blu-ray Limited Edition - I love the fact that this comes in an awesome zombie head aquarium case that lights up. You can even fill the aquarium with water and... Wow!

$ ??? - Paranormal Disney World Trip 2014 - Every year I pick a BIG gift to list... here it is. That's right! Give the gift of Disney with a paranormal twist. Network with like minded paranormal folk such as yourself from January 21st through January 26th, 2014 in Disney World. We are trying to put together an amazing after-party as well. Need a room-mate to bunk with to keep costs down? Join us at the Facebook event page for more details. Thanks goes out to MousePlanning.com for the amazing group discount for the hotel and tickets for the event! Best part about the trip? I believe it will be zombie free!

Well, that completes my ideas for this year. If the zombie apocalypse DOESN'T happen this year, I will surely get up my gift guide for next year. Until then, stay safe from the ZOMBIES!!!

Oh wait a second... Almost forgot. For the person that has EVERYTHING, I suggest a baby sloth for around $3,000 - 4,000. You can get one HERE.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Love the paranormal? Love Disney? Welcome to the first Paranormal Disney World trip! This is going to be a fun-filled 5 days of partying and paranormal mayhem! Come and network with paranormal enthusiasts from all over the United States. Just book your room, secure your transportation, get your park tickets and YOU ARE THERE!

We are currently looking to book an awesome paranormal themed after-party during the trip. That's right, we are working towards trying to secure a location for a once-in-a-lifetime paranormal after-party to be like no other! No park ticket should be required for this party. To be eligible for this limited seating after-party, you must have a room reserved at a Disney World resort(All Star, etc.) Pricing for this after-party to follow soon.

Need help in booking your Disney World stay? Look no further than James Dolan at MousePlanning.com. James is currently setting up special pricing on the Disney resorts and park tickets for all of those in attendance of this trip.

We are trying to aim at staying at the DISNEY ALL-STAR MUSIC resort if possible. This way transportation to the after-party will be more easy to handle. However, if you choose to stay somewhere else, that is fine as well.

We will be posting times/dates for the meet-up spots in the parks for those looking to do so during the trip.

Here are the general park dates for January 22nd - January 25th:

Wednesday, January 22nd - Epcot
Thursday, January 23rd - Animal Kingdom
Friday, January 24th - Magic Kingdom
Saturday, January 25th - Hollywood Studios

I posted these dates listed above to make it easier for everyone to book reservations for lunch and dinner in the parks. even though this will be "low" point in the Disney crowds, it is best to book in advance for dining.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Halloween Movie List 2013

That's right ghouls and gals! It's that time of year again... Time to dust off and watch all of those awesome horror movies so we all get in the mood for the Halloween season!

Every year I usually do a "Top 10" list of super-scary films that I love to watch. This year however, I am going to change it up a bit and put the movies into different categories.

2013 Black & White Horror Movie Pick:

A classic black and white film of zombie mayhem! This is a must watch on my list this year. Directed by George A. Romero, this 1968 film is centered around a woman named Barbara and a group of other people that take shelter from a zombie apocalypse in an isolated farmhouse in Pittsburgh.

2013 Horror Comedy Pick:

Torn between so many greats such as Ghostbusters, Young Frankenstein, Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein and many more, I chose this one for 2013. This 1988 classic film is one of Tim Burton's best to date. It puts a couple named Barbara and Adam in their New England summer home looking to take a long summer vacation of peace and quiet. Little do they know they are about to die and have a new family move into their now haunted abode. They call upon a "bio-exorcist" ghost named Beetlejuice to save them from the new obnoxious owners.

2013 Horror Film of the Year Pick:

In my opinion, the BEST horror movie of the year award goes to The Conjuring. Being a paranormal investigator, I can relate to many situations in this film that rattles me to the core. This movie follows one of the many stories of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Much of what is in this movie is eerily accurate to what some investigators/demonologists would go through to help a family in need of help. This one comes out on DVD in mid October I believe.

2013 Best Horror Film of All Time Pick:

It's no secret that this is my all-time favorite horror movie. When I was a kid, this movie kept me up all night long after watching it. Still freaks me out a bit. I got to meet the man behind the mask Tony Moran this past year and he was an awesome guy. Director John Carpenter made this film in 1978 and it STILL holds scare value like no other film in my opinion. It follows high school student/babysitter Laurie Strode as she encounters psycho-killer Michael Myers that escapes from the Smith Grove mental hospital. There is more to this movie than meets the eye, so if you haven't seen it, shut all the lights off in the house and watch it.

There are so many others like Friday the 13th, The Fog, Evil Dead, Dracula, Nightmare on Elm Street... the list is HUGE. These listed above are the ones I plan on watching this year though. Let's not forget the Walking Dead series that is tarting again in October... also a much watch.

Well, till next time... 'Scream' if you have to!

Monday, September 9, 2013


So... Last year on Halloween I had decided to make myself a undead skeleton dude. I loved this picture so much that I had t-shirts made of it. Why? Because... why not?

For those who know me, I can be a goofball at times. Sure, I have a serious side... but I also know how to laugh at myself from time to time. This was one of those, "Oh man... I am a total nut." kind of moments that I wanted to share with everyone that finds this photo as much fun as I do.

Current stock is Men's and Women's Large and XL sized shirts. Only $20 + $5 shipping and handling. We can take credit cards through Paypal.com payments as well. Anyone interested in one of these LIMITED edition t-shirts(I may never get the guts to order more...), can order directly below. Did I mention they GLOW IN THE DARK???

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Friday, August 9, 2013

"It's a MIRACLE!!!"

"It's a miracle!" Yes. Those words have been heard and said by people on many occasions. Usually in situations where someone has beatin' extreme odds. From Jesus' face appearing on a piece of toast, to surviving near certain death. But, do miracles truly exist?

I have seen this video floating around on the internet and was intrigued by the story. A 19 year old girl woman named Katie Lentz was trapped in a car in Center, MO when a catholic priest came out of nowhere and started praying for her immediately after she asked for prayers. There were multiple eyewitnesses to this event. even the first responders believe this was a true miracle.

The weirdest part about the story was that after they freed her, the priest had vanished from the site. They said the road was blocked and that there was no other accessibility to cars from that location cause the road was blocked off due to the accident.

So, what truly happened there? Some claim it was a miracle. Some claim it was an angel in the image of a catholic priest. Maybe it was Jesus disguised as a priest coming to aid the poor girl that was calling out for prayers? Nobody knows.

I have heard others exclaim, "Well, if it was a real angel, where was he during the Connecticut shooting? Or the Batman massacre?" Here is my take on this from a logical 'faith' point of view....

If you were so inclined to believe that an angel or God performed a miracle at this crash site, then you must believe in the other side of the coin. Yes. I am referring to 'evil'. Pure and simple.

So, according to the bible, evil can take on many shapes and forms. Like... a psycho killer, perhaps? In my book, this is the most heinous of all evils. Maybe sometimes evil is so extreme that a 'miracle' just can't happen. No matter how hard you pray or try, it just doesn't show up. Not to say that you shouldn't try... but you get the point.

Let's look at this another way... What if there truly is an afterlife and angels on the other side just let these things happen because they know everything will be 'ok' once someone have crossed over? Obviously, we look at certain situations as a tragedy... but 'What if...'?

Nobody has the answers to these questions until the inevitable end. I have read numerous reports on NDE's (Near Death Experiences) over the years. I know that the majority on NDE's believe wholeheartedly in an afterlife and have little to no fear of dying after such an experience.

Until next time... keep praying if you feel the need to. It can do nothing but help in my opinion.

UPDATE: An artist has created a sketch of the miraculous disappearing priest from the crash scene. The Catholic priest does not appear in any of the nearly 70 photos taken at the crash scene. Here is that sketch below:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Trip to Switzerland and Italy

Just got back from a long tour of Italy and Switzerland. Very eventful and tiring. I drove all over these 2 countries. Beautiful to say the least. From the large snow capped mountains in Switzerland, to the monumental historical sites of Italy. Having never been to these countries before, I noticed quite a few differences while I was there.

Did we pay for a tour? No. We did the tour ourselves. I am sure we saved a lot of money by doing so. We visited Zurich, Lucern, Interlaken, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Castelluccio, Rome, and Lake Como.

For those that have never been, Europe is expensive in some aspects. Cheaper in others. If you are in the 'touristy' areas such as Rome and Venice, it's expensive. Smaller towns and lesser frequented places are way cheaper.

Switzerland is "efficient" in every way. They do not waste like we do over here in the United States. Everything seems to have a purpose and very little is wasted. The people of Switzerland are polite and direct to the point. The Polizei(Police) presence is almost non-existent. I only saw a few police officers at the train stations and still felt 100% safe.

Switzerland is a very clean country and the food is fresh. It is like they care about what they eat. Portions are smaller and healthier. Unlike the crap we buy from Walmart and Shop Rite here in the United States. In a way, this really worries me. Why are Americans eating such crap? Why can't we eat like the Europeans do?

Yes. You can drink in public in Switzerland. You can go buy a can of beer and drink it while walking, on the trains, or just sitting in a park.

The roadways in Switzerland are pretty organized as well. They use roundabouts to get around for the most part and the highways are pot hole free. Most cars are manual transmission(stick shift) and even the gas stations are clean.

Everything I just wrote about above pretty much holds true for Italy as well. The roadways, cleanliness(in most places I visited), great food, and people were amazing as well.

Don't get me wrong, there were a few things that were pretty hard to deal with.

Rome can be a rough country to tour in if you are not used to the heat. We stayed in a few apartments that did not have air conditioning and the only way to cool off the rooms were to open the windows. This is a bit problematic if the mosquitoes are around. I had an instance were they were buzzing my head at 3am one morning and it was not fun. Needless to say I went to the nearest hotel(Thank you Best Western of Rome, Italy!) the next day and jumped back into comfort with full air conditioning.

It is obvious that Europeans care about their lifestyle and well being. Maybe it helps because these countries are so beautiful to see. The air is clean and the food is fresh. I really wish that the United States would learn a lot from the Europeans. Would I ever go back? Absolutely. In time... I will.

So, where is the paranormal in all of this? Well, I stayed in a villa in Tuscany that had some weird occurrences happen, so naturally... I investigated the location a bit. The lights would flicker on occasion, I heard unexplained noises, the place even felt a bit weird. You know... like that electric/energy type feeling in the air. What really opened my eyes a bit to the place being haunted was a few things:

  1. The overall feeling of the place was slight bit electric/energized.
  2. Lights flickered on occasion and had no apparent pattern.
  3. Unexplained sounds. (Shuffling, footsteps, etc.)
  4. Feelings of being watched.
  5.  My iPhone 5 shut off completely and had a 50% charge left.
Yes. My phone shut down completely. I turned it back on to find the 50% charge. Why in the heck did it shutdown? That never happened until then... ever.

This all happened at 3:30am in Tuscany at the villa I was staying at. I walked around outside and got that "I am being watched..." kind of feeling. Took a few photos, but nothing substantial as of yet. It felt pretty crazy to say the least.

Time for some additional pics! Click on a photo to enlarge it:

Check out this panorama shot: