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Thursday, February 21, 2013

UFO Breaks up Russian Meteor?

Meteors. Unfortunately, they exist. Meteors can prove to be a problem for us here on earth. Especially, if they change and become a meteorite by hitting the earth. You would think that we would have some sort of plan in place to protect ourselves from them. We have the technology to do so, right?

I saw a video of the recent Russian meteor going around that I found to be quite interesting. It is labeled on YouTube as "Russian Meteor UFO Interference".

It looks as if though something shoots through the meteor, breaking into pieces. Could it have been a missile? Kamikaze UFO? Hoax? Whatever it is, the video shows the object phase in and then phases out soon after striking the meteor.

There is even another video of a Russian news broadcast that shows a black object that appears to be hovering in the sky where the meteor passed by only seconds before. Could this have been a UFO saving Russia from what could have been a major catastrophe?

This brings me to another topic that recently came up in conspiracy circles. Prime Minister Medvedev spoke of Alien invaders already among us during an off camera interview that was secretly still recording him. Was he joking? Or was he serious?

Who knows what to actual truth is from this information. The thing I find interesting is that if aliens truly exist, what makes us think they would want to make themselves known to us? They must be fearful of the inhabitants of planet earth. We start near endless wars, let people starve, are armed to the teeth, and cause chaos to our home planet on many levels. Could you blame them?

Friday, February 1, 2013


There have been many late nights for paranormal investigators. It's the nature of the beast. Many believe that activity happens in the calm of the night when there is less hustle and bustle to disrupt certain energy fields. I tend to agree with this belief a bit.

Most investigations can go anywhere from dusk till dawn. I have personally been on numerous 9 hour investigations throughout the dead of night and let me tell you... it can be a bit harsh on the sleep cycle. Sure, your adrenaline is going, but this can only go so far

So, how does one combat the urge to sleep while you are sitting in the dark during the late night hours?

Energy Drinks
Some investigators swear on energy drinks to help them through. Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar... I am a bit of a culprit when it comes to this as well. Red Bull and I have had many late nights together. I like the taste and a 8.4 oz can will usually keep me up for about 4 - 6 hours or so. Sometimes, a second can is needed.
However, there do seems to be a few health risks associated with these type of drinks though. Your kidneys do not like this crap, so don't over do it.

My good ole' friend... coffee. It's warm and has the power to keep you awake. Black or with creamers. Anyway you take it, it is a standard that helps keep you sharp during a lengthy investigation.
However, make sure you eat when drinking it. Jitters during an investigation is not a fun thing to have. Especially if you are working with sensitive equipment.

Whether it be Coca Cola or Pepsi, caffeine is the stable of staying awake. However, just as an energy drink, soda contains a ton of sugar and can cause major health problems if you are pounding can after can. Diet soda is not much different. Even though diet soda does not contain sugar, the sweeteners that are used is horrible for your health. If you go the soda route, just be sure to try and limit your intake.

There are quite a few that love to drink tea during an investigation. This seems to be an appropriate alternative to coffee. Iced or hot. This is a year round drink no matter what the conditions of the location are.

Whatever your choice, water is always good to have as well. Nothing beats good old fashioned water to keep you hydrated on hot nights. Let me tell you, investigating on a battleship in the middle of summer can be rough without H2O. I would not attempt this. Till next time... Cheers!