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Thursday, March 27, 2014

FLIR E8 Review

FLIR. If you are a serious paranormal investigator, you have heard the name before. Great for detecting raccoons, cats, trespassers, anomalies, etc. Even some of the paranormal reality shows use FLIR thermal cams for investigating the unknown, but how does it stack up for practical investigations?

I had wanted FLIR to send me a thermal cam BEFORE the Pennhurst event back on March 15th. However, I received the unit the following day. Yeah. Was a bit bummed out. How cool would it have been to have it for Pennhurst State School?

I originally called FLIR for information on the new FLIR One unit that they are releasing in the near future. This new unit attaches to an iPhone 5 and can give some really great results for an extremely low price($350 retail?)

Now, I know what you might be thinking... "Chris, you always say to keep your cell phone turned off during investigations!" True. You can do 1 of 2 things here:
  1. Use a FLIR One before you start your initial investigation.
  2. Put your phone in Airplane Mode. (Your settings on your smart phone should have this feature)
Anyway, FLIR had decided to send me another model of thermal camera to test in the field. The FLIR E8 thermal camera. Retailing for around $6,000, this model is top of the line thermal cam. It has over 5 different thermal settings. You ever see the movie Predator? Yeah. Like that.

FLIR E8 hard case.

The goods...

Powering on is easy and fast.


The latch below opens and closers the protective lens shutter.

The camera is easy to use and light weight. Taking photos with the camera is just a trigger pull and is very clean. There is even a standard camera mode as well. Comes in a sturdy, foam padded case to protect your investment and 2 rechargeable batteries.

Leo looks good in thermal! MEOW!

Default Iron thermal setting.

Rainbow thermal setting.

Standard camera setting.

Dark basement? No problem...

As much as I like the FLIR E8, the price is way too pricey for your average paranormal investigator. I for one will be waiting on the FLIR One that I listed above before committing to purchasing a FLIR model myself. 

I think it is also note worthy to say that FLIR's competitor, FLUKE, told me that they did not want me to use their product in the field of paranormal investigation. I found that incredibly funny considering that a thermal cam can be used for safety and documenting temperatures, not just picking up anomalies on the view finder and such. Nothing would suck more than running face to face with a raccoon or other wild animal during an investigation in the dark. I did run into a skunk one time... but that story is for another time.

Interested in learning more about a FLIR E8 or FLIR One? Go to their website for more information:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Return to Pennhurst

Pennhurst State School in Spring City, PA. One of the creepiest places on the planet to investigate, let alone visit. On March 15th, 2014, a team of investigators and myself explored Pennhurst. It is not the first time I had been there. This was the 5th time at the location, and it did not disappoint.

See the picture of me standing next to the Exorcist graffiti that I took with my iPhone? Well, during a break in the investigation, I turned it on to take this photo. Immediately right after this picture was taken, my cell phone died. It had about 3/4 charge during the time this picture was taken during our first break. Why this happened is completely unexplained. It had never done that before, nor since. Want to hear something even weirder? After about an hour, I tried it again. My cell phone turned back on and had it's 3/4 charge back. Go figure...

Not only did the battery in my phone go hay-wire, but my ZOOM H2 audio recorder batteries died as well on the 3rd floor of the Mayflower building during an EVP session. Yeah. Of course I switched out the dead ones for new ones. I love it when I replace batteries before an investigation and this happens. It just helps validate the activity.

Yeah. Battery drain happens ALL the time in haunted locations. Belief is that spirits use batteries and other energy sources to help them communicate. I have seen this happen to video recorders, audio recorders, cameras, etc. First time it ever happened to my cell phone. I usually keep it off during investigations.

It was pretty cold that night. Around 32 degrees. By 2am, my feet were frost bitten. Literally frost bitten. That's just the nature of the beast. I used ski socks, but those can only help so much.

The full moon that night was awesome. Did it help with our findings? Hell yeah it did. I feel as though we got what we came for. Well, just listen below and hear it for yourself:


I want to thank Pennhurst, all of the amazing investigators, and Dawn from Haunted Entertainment for running an amazing event at Pennhurst. Special thanks to Erik for bringing me some Mad Elf beer as well. Very awesome. We got some amazing results that night and shared great personal experiences as well. Till next time...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Status Report


So... What is my 'status report'? Well, some of you may know we are currently working with an awesome set of producers on a new, groundbreaking TV series. It is going to be AWESOME when it comes to life. Exciting things are on the horizon and we are moving forward rather quickly now.

I am also EXTREMELY excited to have been invited to some of the HOTTEST paranormal events for 2014. Haunted Entertainment's Pennhurst State Asylum event(SOLD OUT!), Phenomacon in Gettysburg, and many others. Lectures, vendor tables, investigations... OH MY!

There is one other thing I am working towards that I feel could change the way many of us investigate the paranormal. It is a new product that is coming out late Spring. I am desperately working on getting my hands on one BEFORE retail release to write a review and test in the field. If I am lucky, I may have this BEFORE the Pennhurst event on March 15th. Fingers crossed!

I am very anxious to see you at some of the events this year as well. Talking paranormal is great with everyone in the paranormal community and helps keep focus on what is most important... Investigating the paranormal. Thanks for all your support! See you soon!