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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Ghost Story

Well, my MY GHOST STORY has finally aired! It is now embedded in TV history as MY GHOST STORY Episodes #53(I was also on Episode #52 for a brief minute or so which aired on December 14th as well.)

It was great fun working with everyone from Mark Phillips Philms and Telephision. Very professional crew and extremely easy to work with. My hat goes off to them. Awesome job from start to finish.

Will this open the doors to bigger and better things? The team and I hope so. We have been speaking with a good amount of people throughout 2012 about hosting our own show and such. I guess only time will tell. 

Like I said in the past, it would be icing on an already awesome cake. We love doing what we do and look forward to many years of researching the unknown.

For those that want to view the episode, here it is. My story starts at about 36 minutes in if you do not care to wait for it. It is the last story of the episode.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Paranormal Gift to You

First off, let me say Happy Holidays to you! Thanks again for a wonderful year and your support!

I thought about what to get the readers of this blog for Christmas this year. Sweaters, books, toys, etc. Then it dawned on me... Why not give the gift of protection?

Some of you know my past, some of you do not. I come from a background of music and toured the country extensively back in the late 90's. We opened up for some big bands such as Greg Allman, Matchbox 20, Vertical Horizon, Guster, etc. We had won SPIN magazines best unsigned band one year as well. I was even offered a part in a movie being filmed in NYC. We had a lawyer in uptown NYC and were destined to be the next band to be signed in New Jersey. It seemed as though it was our destiny. However, in time, things fell apart due to bad business dealings, bankruptcy, internal issues, etc.

During that time, I had bought and read a few good books about business ethics and practices. I learned how to conduct and protect myself from those that could do my business harm. It was a great eye opener for all things business related.

One thing I learned rather quickly from reading these books is that those that preach ethics, usually DO NOT have any. They sometimes will use this method to get inside your "inner circle", to gain your trust. They will use this tactic same as the Greeks did with the Trojan horse. Ever heard of the phrase, "Beware of strangers bearing gifts"? The Trojan war is where that phrase originates from and holds true in all business dealings.

Now listen, I am not saying that I do not trust anyone. What I am saying is that trust is EARNED, not implied. Just because someone implies that you to trust them, does not make them trustworthy. Same as if they preach 'unity'. Does that make them 'unified' with your ideas and beliefs? NO. It does not.

There was a point in time that I thought "paranormal unity" was possible, but then someone tried to burn me and my team. Luckily, I realized this from the books I read in the past that something negative was happening and quickly protected my team from damages. This was hands down the smartest business decision I have ever made to date. The team is stronger than ever before and we are back on track.

So, to sum it up, be cautious about those who preach "paranormal unity". DO NOT let anyone into your inner circle. It does not take a genius to figure out that this is a competitive field.

I am not saying that they are all bad people, but I am stating that you should protect what you love and work towards wholeheartedly. Anyone worth their weight will understand and respect your business stance. Anyone who does not respect this should find themselves on the 'outside' of your business dealings.

Use this advice or not. The choice is yours.

Oh yeah... and one more thing...