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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Throughout time, man has been witness to many different encounters with unknown creatures. Yeti, lochness monster, chupacabra and many others. It would seem that biologists come forward on a daily basis with discovering new species. Whether it be a shark, centipede snake or the elusive Bigfoot.

Back about a month ago, I saw a report released by a team that they had indeed captured a Bigfoot. The code for it was "Daisy is in the box". I remember for weeks upon end I was watching a few of the Bigfoot evidence websites awaiting the findings of this so called capture. Sadly... it never came. Hoax? Most likely.

My question is this: What possesses someone(or Squatch group) to lay claim to something like this and not have the means to back it up? Why would they lie about finding a Bigfoot?

Fools. Idiotic fools. The only thing you do is just piss people off and make fools of yourselves. Your families must be real proud of you for doing that. Nice example you set for the kids also. Lying for 5 minutes of fame? That is seriously shallow.

Whether or not Big foot is real is yet to be truly determined. Many have supposedly seen him/her first hand. They have video, hair samples, footprint casts, photos and even audio of this mythical creature. Even police officers have stepped forward with claims that they to have witnessed these towering beasts first hand.

So, why hasn't anyone actually captured one yet? Are they THAT elusive? We see deer, elk, etc. all the time. They are elusive also, yes?

I seriously hope that people out there are not running around wearing costumes and deliberately trying to fool people. All it would take would to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with a hunter and his loaded rifle to solve that mystery real quick.

Who knows... Maybe one day we will get to see a real Bigfoot in captivity. If we ever get to that point, I would hope they would film him, photograph him, document him and then let him go back into the wild.