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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zombie Gift Giving Guide 2013

HO! HO! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! Zombie Santa is about to start making his rounds again this year. That's right kiddies! That means it's time to put together my GIFT GUIDE 2013 for all of my paranormal investigator and horror friends!

So... What is on Zombie Santa's list this year? Let's take a look...

$14.99 - Zombie Pets Plush - Sometimes saying, "I want to eat your brains" isn't enough to show someone you care. Giving a Zombie Pet is a great one to show them that Xmas is the new 'Season of the Zombie'! Give till it hurts with this one... Bitey - a possibly rabid baby werewolf, Deadington Ruxworth - a stuffed bear, or Frostbite - an undead penguin are the choices.

$7.79 - Zombie Ceramic Mug - Almost EVERYONE knows I love zombies AND coffee. So, my next gift idea is the perfect gift in my eyes. Show everyone your love for the upcoming zombie apocalypse by drinking from a ceramic zombie head.

$399 - GoPro Hero3+ Camera - I love documenting my adventures in the paranormal field. Why not document the zombie apocalypse as well? With this camera, you could be the last survivor and STILL document the outbreak. Can shoot up to 4k resolution I believe as well.

$850 -GoPro 3+ Plus Black Modified Lens IR Camera (Infrared) - Want a GoPro HD Hero3+ already modded with infrared? This is one option you can go with if you don't want to mod a standard model yourself. Not sure of the distance you can get with the IR, but you can always add IR illuminators if need be.

$53.99 - Creepy Hollow IR Illuminators - GhostStop sells the Creepy Hollow IR extenders that creator Paul Bradford from GHI has designed. I have owned a few of these for about 3 years now. Still works great and the battery life is awesome. Funny ad picture, eh?

$400 - Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow with Red Dot Sight - Yeah. I went there... You don't want the zombies to hear you defending yourself, do you? Here is your answer. With a draw weight of only 150lbs. and a light weight composite stock. Package includes: Premium red-dot sight, three arrows, and 4-arrow quiver.

$20 - State of Decay - XBOX Live Arcade Download - Need practice before the zombie outbreak takes place? No problem This game on XBOX Live Arcade shows promise. It's all about survival and this game keeps you on your toes. In the game, you will get tired, need food to survive, etc. Harrowingly, you can realistically only run for a short time before you’re tired and have to stop for breath. Perm-a-death in the game for your character if you die. It's like living the real deal! IGN Review: 8.9.

$95 - Waling Dead Series 3 Blu-ray Limited Edition - I love the fact that this comes in an awesome zombie head aquarium case that lights up. You can even fill the aquarium with water and... Wow!

$ ??? - Paranormal Disney World Trip 2014 - Every year I pick a BIG gift to list... here it is. That's right! Give the gift of Disney with a paranormal twist. Network with like minded paranormal folk such as yourself from January 21st through January 26th, 2014 in Disney World. We are trying to put together an amazing after-party as well. Need a room-mate to bunk with to keep costs down? Join us at the Facebook event page for more details. Thanks goes out to MousePlanning.com for the amazing group discount for the hotel and tickets for the event! Best part about the trip? I believe it will be zombie free!

Well, that completes my ideas for this year. If the zombie apocalypse DOESN'T happen this year, I will surely get up my gift guide for next year. Until then, stay safe from the ZOMBIES!!!

Oh wait a second... Almost forgot. For the person that has EVERYTHING, I suggest a baby sloth for around $3,000 - 4,000. You can get one HERE.