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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Searching Through the Shadows: A Practical Guide to Ghost Hunting

After much debate, I have finally taken the time to release my investigation guide. This guide was written to answer the general questions I get asked on a day to day basis.

In this guide, I will go over the popular beliefs and theories that many paranormal investigators share in the community, the different types of hauntings and how to investigate them, popular equipment and techniques used in the field of paranormal investigating, how to conduct a proper and thorough investigation, evidence review, how to find haunted hotspots throughout the United States, how to start your own team, and the paranormal community in general.

I hope you find this guide educational, as well as entertaining. I have always been interested in sharing as much as I possibly can with the paranormal community in hopes of getting closer to the answering the questions many people have on their minds: Do ghosts exist?

This guide will ONLY be available at the events, lectures and 'meet and greets' Scream Paranormal Research or I attend. $5 gets you all of the practical knowledge I have gained from investigating the paranormal. Currently, there are no plans to ship the books/guides out via mail.

Have an Android phone? The same information in the book/guide can be found in the Android app that is available for download HERE. Only .99 cents for the download.

UPDATE: Books/guides are IN and they look fantastic! I will be selling these at the following locations:

Saturday, October 1st - 7pm - 11pm
Jason's Woods - Lancaster, PA

Saturday, October 8th - 10am - 6pm
Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA

Friday, October 28th - 7pm - 11pm
Horrorfest at Shady Brook Farms - Yardley, PA

November 12th & 13th weekend
UFO Congress - Ramada Inn - Bordentown, NJ

More to come on times and dates soon. Thanks for all your support.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dead Island Video Game Review

Ok.. I don't write reviews for Xbox 360 games... until now.

I picked up Dead Island for Xbox 360 the other day after checking out the trailer video on YouTube. Here is my take on this gem of a zombie game:

Wow. I love this game. It is not the graphically best or most advanced Xbox 360 game around, but it is the most fun you will have battling zombies on the 360. Don't get me wrong. I like the zombie level of Black Ops, but this game is like actually being on a dream vacation island fighting off a zombie apocalypse. For obvious reasons, this makes it awesome.

For hardcore gamers, the playability is reminiscent Fallout 3. It is an action RPG with a general storyline. Now, you may say, "What?? A general storyline???" Yes. Because the game is so much fun that a storyline just gets in the way of all the zombie bashing goodness. The game has a mission based system that is pretty damn fun though.

There are a few things I would change though. One thing would be the need to open the tourist baggage you find along the way to find only like $6. Micro looting is not much fun. So, that is my one negative thought on the game amongst a ton of other things it gets right.

The sound is super cool as well. Nothing beats hearing a screaming zombie getting closer as it runs toward you. The freak out factor when this happens is huge. It is a highlight of the game.

Don't have an Xbox 360? This game is also available for PC as well. Both offer co-op play as well if you want to take on the zombie horde with a friend.

Do yourself a favor, check out this game if you love zombies. This is the zombie game you have been waiting for. Click HERE for more Dead Island info.

UPDATE: The game is selling out everywhere. My brother went and call numerous stores in our area to find that they were all sold out. So, be sure to call ahead before going into your local game store.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Anyone who truly knows me can tell you that I do not support para-drama in anyway, shape or form. Sure, some of us can loose our cool now and again. If you say otherwise, you are not being truthful. (Unless of course you are not human)

Let's face it, jealousy and hatred are stinky colognes. There is much competition in the paranormal field at the moment. TV shows, producers, networks are all looking for the next big paranormal team for national shows and interviewing everyone. Which can sometimes lead to wrong assumptions and jealousy.

Drama can only fuel the people you have issues with. Not only does talking about them behind their back show others that you have loose lips and sink ships, but it also puts them in the spotlight and can show your jealousy. So, ask yourself this... Is that what you really want? To promote someone else and show others that you have a big mouth and talk negatively about others?

This attitude is the path to the dark side and can only do you harm. Cause let's face it, any promotion is good promotion for the people you are talking negatively about. And while your friends might have your back and say, "Yeah! I hear that! You tell em!", you can guarantee behind your back they are questioning your ethics and whether or not one day you will turn on them as well. If not, they definitely should.

As with any profession, it is always best to be courteous and professional with everyone you meet. Whether it be a client, team mate, or anyone for that matter. You are representing yourself to others 24/7. Tired? Pissed off? You may want to leave that attitude at home.

Another thing to remember is attitude is everything. Being positive, especially while on investigations is essential. I avoid negative people like the plague, it is my guess that spirits more than likely do also.

So, keep your chin up and remain positive. Never let someone knock you off your game. Take the good with the bad. Don't create drama. Avoid it. If you do spread drama, you are only hurting yourself by looking like someone who can't be trusted and you are just promoting someone else.

And, if after reading this you want to talk negatively about me... I absolutely and totally welcome it! Thanks! ;)