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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Aliens. Do they truly exist? I think that there are infinite ideas that support the theory that they do. The universe is huge, and to think we are the only ones occupying this vast space is just self entitled nonsense.

Some may say that God created man, and that heaven and earth are unique to God's grand creation. While I do believe in a form of God, I do not think we are alone in the universe. It just doesn't make sense that our tiny planet is the only place in the universe that has living beings on it.

What about proof that aliens exist? Well, there have been numerous sightings over the years. Photographs, videos, documentation released by governments, etc. Most everyone in the paranormal community knows about the UFO incident at the ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Little men from outer space, crashed flying saucer, Air Force cover-up. Good times.

Lately, I have been watching how governments have been toying with peoples freedoms around the globe. Especially the United States. What if in the grand scheme of things, there were to be a full disclosure of alien visitors to the world relatively soon. What if the gun control laws, beefed up DHS dept, control of resources were some how related to a disclosure? What if the planet earth was is serious danger and the only way we could survive was intrusting an alien race to help save us?

Let's face a few facts, the government would not be to happy with some panic stricken yahoo breaking out their guns and firing almost immediately on aliens trying to make friendly contact. Could you imagine the implications of that scenario??? Full. Scale. Alien. Invasion. Yep, I said it.

Now, grant it. Our constitution is our constitution. This SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED... Ever. However, I ask all of my friends out there with firearms. Please do not shoot any aliens that could start a galactic war. If you can't handle first contact, just run away. Don't worry, nobody will judge you.

Another theory I keep hearing from various news sources is that aliens may have already made contact with us here on earth and that they are already living among us. Yeah, like the movie "They Live". Some even claim that the earth was created for an alien science experiment. Weird, huh?

Whatever the true answers are, nobody has the definitive proof yet. I have a feeling even if an alien spaceship were to land in the middle of central park in NYC, people still wouldn't believe it.