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Monday, November 26, 2012

Ghost Hunting Gift Guide 2013

Yep. It's time of year again! Time for eggnog and mistletoe toe. Time to spend quality time with family, and remember family that has passed on. (Miss and love you mom.) Tis' the season for giving.

Giving what? Depends upon you. Some people give cookies or cakes. Some give iPads or vacations. It's all about freedom of choice. So what do I think a 'ghost hunter' should receive for the holidays?

Let's take a look:

The Gift of EVP: You obviously can't be a bad ass ghost hunter without a serious audio recorder. May I recommend the ZOOM H2n is a great option that allows you to record in 360 degrees. Since you can't hear in every direction at once, might as well use a recorder that records the entire area, right? Click HERE to get one.

The Gift of Style: If you are going to be investigating the paranormal, you might as well look good doing it. Check out Xzavier for all of your fashion needs by clicking HERE.

The Gift of Credibility: People doubting you or your teams evidence? They think you may be a  fraud? Without credibility, you are nothing in the field of paranormal research. So, why not prove your credibility by taking a true polygraph test. That's right. Show em' you mean business and stand by your claims. Click HERE to book a qualified polygraph tester!

The Gift of Ghostly Cuteness: Nothing says the holidays like a cute plush ghost. Made by TY. Awwwww. Looks like he needs a home to haunt. Check out this little guy right HERE.

The Gift of Thermal Vision: Want to be a big shot in the ghost hunting world? Of course you do. That is why with this $2,000 FLIR thermal imaging camera, you can see things that the naked eye can not. This unit even comes with a 2 GB microSD card (stores up to 5,000 images). Click HERE to break the bank.

The Gift of Scary Taste: "C'mon Chris! This stuff is too expensive!" Chill out. Here is an awesome gift that most can afford. Oreo Ghost Cookies! You got it. Deliciously spooky! Click HERE to start packing on the holiday pounds.

The Gift of Cleanliness: So, you are in a remote investigation location that has no electricity and you have to use the bathroom. Let's just say for the hell of it, your flash light batteries die while you are conducting your business. Oh Noez! You can't seem to find the TP cause it's too dark!??! Never fear! Glow in the dark TP will save your butt! Click HERE to wipe your worries away!

The Gift of Investigation: Last but not least... Buy a ticket for the Scream Paranormal Research Last Ghost Hunt of 2012 event at the Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly, NJ for Saturday, December 15th, 2012. Tickets are only $50 per person. Must be 18 and over to attend. Go to screamparanormalresearch.blogspot.com for ticket purchasing options.

Whelp... That is all the gift ideas for this holiday season. Please be safe out there and have an awesome holiday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The truth about casting a paranormal TV show

Hello paranormal boys and girls! So, you want to be a paranormal TV star, huh? Today, we will discuss how you and your grandmother can get called for a casting call for a paranormal TV show! Exciting, huh?

No. No, it's truly not. In reality, it can be kind of disheartening. Annoying as well.

Well sure, the first time it happens seems kinda magical. Almost makes you feel special in a way. "You chose to call me?!?!?! HO BOY!!! I FEEL SO SPECIAL!!! You want me to make an audition video!??!? SURE THING!! WHEN DO YOU NEED IT BY???"

Listen. I do not want to be the one to burst your bubble, but I have seen waaaaaaaaay to many people get excited over producers calling them to audition for paranormal TV shows. What am I talking about? Well...

Just click HERE.

See what I mean? This is just one example of how many people they actually call for the auditions. They need for you to believe you are special so that they can get you on board for the project 'IF' they decided to use you. Some TV producers just want to pump you for information for their new show that was already cast about a year ago. It's called "fishing for ideas". They will take your best kept trade secrets and use them on their new show.

Over the years I have heard, "You are an amazing talent! They are so excited about you!", "The only chose YOU for the series! Aren't you excited?!?!", "They want to know if you have someone in mind to co-star!", etc.

My advice to you? Take it in stride. I have been called by over 10 different production companies in the past 2 years. Most of the time, the project withers and dies on the vine. The show they called about never even makes it to network. Not even a 'pilot' episode.

Don't get me wrong. Some of the producers out there are straight shooters. They will tell you that it's a long shot, or to not get to excited. The guys over at MY GHOST STORY treated me and everyone in my stories like gold. The pay sucked, but the reality of the situation was there 100%. (By the way, you can catch those episodes of MY GHOST STORY on December 14th and 21st on the BIO channel I believe...)

I wish everyone reading this blog post the best of luck in your auditions. Seriously. Break a leg. Just be sure to be in the paranormal for the right reasons. Learn the field, help people out, educate people with what you learn. Who knows... Maybe one day you will make it on a paranormal TV show...  just maybe...