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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fake Snow?

Snow. I have seen enough of this stuff to last me a lifetime. This has been one of the WORST winter's on record. Hopefully, spring will come early this year. Highly doubtful though.

I saw a few videos online with the titles "Fake Snow", so I watched them. In the video, it shows people trying to melt snow with a standard lighter. The snow in the videos doesn't melt, it just turns black. Odd, eh?

I like conspiracy theories. Why? Because it keeps us thinking. It keeps our brains in tune with reality. It comes up with a possible different answer to a question. Is this snow actually fake? Are there chemicals in the snow? Some claim it is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superabsorbent_polymer

Well, there are products out there that can make instant snow. Yep. It's true. Look here: http://snowinseconds.com

So, if it is possible to make snow this easily, why couldn't others make it on a larger scale? Ski resorts do it all the time. Also, some people have been claiming that after trying to melt this 'fake snow' that it smelled like chemicals. Could this 'fake snow' be made through a chemical reaction of sorts? Possibly.

Let's look at some facts...

Question: Why is it black after trying to burn it?
Answer: It's carbon left behind from incomplete combustion of the flame.

Question: Why is the snow not melting?
Answer: Snow and ice should start melting at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, a disposable lighter runs about 450 degrees Fahrenheit, right? Well, let's look at boiling water... How long does it take to heat up? It doesn't happen right away, does it? This process is called "latent heat". Read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latent_heat

My "Fake Snow" experiment:

Now, does this tell us that our snow is chem or radiation free? No, it does not. Might have to take a sample to a credible lab to find out. Just remember this, DON'T eat the green, glowing snow! Till next time...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scream Paranormal looking for paranormal teams for new show

Today is the day I start on a brand NEW video project and I need your help. I have been toying with this idea for years, and I am finally going to make the move to do it.

What is this idea? Well, it involves paranormal teams from all over...

The one thing that the paranormal community lacks in my opinion is knowledge. We need ideas that help us move things forward in the world of the paranormal. What makes your team more successful than another? Is your team skeptical, a team that believes, or both? How do you function as an investigative team? What kind of equipment do you use in the field?

What I propose to do is film other teams in the field that can demonstrate professional ideas and beliefs that help in capturing paranormal findings.


Please share this information far and wide. I will start contacting teams that are interested in being on this new show in February and scheduling for 2014 filming. Interested in being a team on this innovative paranormal show?

Email us here: screamparanormaltv@gmail.com

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Appearance List for 2014

This is the list so far for 2014. I will be adding and changing this list as time goes by, so be sure to stop by this page and check for the latest information as it becomes available. Thanks for the support!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Haunted Highway - Shades of Death

Well, it looks like the looong wait is finally over. SyFy channels Haunted Highway finally aired the Shades of Death episode I filmed back around April 2013. It is no secret that I LOVE to film and having done it for SyFy was pretty cool.

Here is the episode:

SyFy also tossed me up on their Haunted Highway website photo gallery as well. Again, pretty cool...

Many people asked me what Jack Osbourne was like. Jack seemed like a very nice guy. What else can I say. We worked together for only an hour, so it is obviously hard to judge someone in such a quick timeframe. While I was talking with John the audio dude, Jack walked over and shook my hand and said, "Thanks" which I thought was nice.

Overall, the process from casting director (Thanks again Gary!) to production was awesome. Nothing negative about the process that I can report on my end of things. Very professional and complete production.

The million dollar question that many have asked me is, "When are you getting your own show Chris?" or "What other shows are you going to be on?" There are some things in the works right now. However, I am not at liberty to say much more than that at this time. After January, things might get set in motion.

There is also another project I would like to launch in the upcoming year that I believe would be AWESOME if done right. Either way, there is going to be some awesome things to work on and towards in 2014. As always, stay tuned...

UPDATE: It would seem that the powers that be have removed the video for free viewing. However, you can still view it for $1.99... Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkrh4oy2rPo