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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pennhurst State School

This is Pennhurst State School. Located in Spring City, PA, it is set back away from the town. Hidden from the public. Set way back in the woods.

The location was a bit hard to find. It is located on back roads just outside of the small historic town of Spring City, PA. Venturing out there at night is challenging.

Pennhurst is an amazing place. Words can't accurately describe Pennhurst. It needs to be seen face to face in order to fully understand it's awesomeness. Rusted playground slide in the middle of the courtyard, broken windows, 6 mile underground tunnel system, etc.

All of the buildings were boarded up and shut tight. In order to get into a building, we needed to use a power screwdriver. Then, once inside, you needed your power screwdriver again to seal yourself in. Otherwise, you face possible site contamination from highschoolers that try and make there way on the property at night.

The underground tunnel system is about 6 miles long. I walked through most of it and let me tell you, it is a creepy location. Pitch black. Not many light sources can be found down there due to the small boarded up windows.

Debris littered the floor in every building. Old wheel chairs, signs, dirt/rubble, etc. It looks like a place right out of a horror movie. And rightfully so. This place housed some very disturbed patients over the years.

Most of the debri is gone now. They cleaned most of it up during the renovation. It is much easier to navigate the halls and rooms of this facility after the clean-up.

This is the coat rack that hit Zack in the Ghost Adventures Pennhurst episode.

Underground patient tunnel system.

I have been to Pennhurst State School 3 times in total. Twice at night to conduct full 9 hour paranormal investigations. It is an amazing place to visit. I have been in and investigated most buildings at the site. A few named Quaker, Mayflower, Rockwell, Philadelphia, Dietary, the morgue, etc.

When they open Pennhurst to other teams, I highly recommend booking a spot to investigate. The owners are great guys and will help you in anyway they can to accommodate you. Keep your eyes open for when they open it to the public teams for investigations.

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