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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scream Paranormal Research

Well, after long debating myself on how to approach my future in paranormal research, I have decided to start a paranormal research team. I have been out with some really great investigators over the past few months and we mesh very well together. We have all agreed this is the next evolutionary step for us.

At first I had thought of joining one of the larger paranormal teams in the tri-state area, only to find out it was not for me. Most of those teams are pretty set in their ways. God bless them all. However, I don't see how I could fit into a situation that may limit my expectations. I have a "go-getter" type personality when it comes to the paranormal. I like to have a "say" in what takes place and how to handle certain situations. Hence, Scream Paranormal Research.

We currently have 6 investigators on board and about 3 'fillers' for bigger locations at the moment. The core team consists of some highly experienced individuals with the desire to find the answers to questions most people have on their mind: Do ghosts really exist?

We will be working hard for the next few weeks gather information and setting up the team website/blog. At this time, Scream Paranormal Research(SPR) will be a non-profit organization and insured.

We are currently looking to bring on a few experienced investigators. If you are interested and have experience in paranormal research, we want to hear from you.

Email me your name, phone number and experience here for consideration.

If you are having experiences in your home or business and are looking for answers, please email us here.

So, what will happen to screamparanormal.blogspot.com? No changes. I will still be doing equipment reviews, evidence posting, etc. The new Scream Paranormal Research website will have information about the team, our equipment, contact information, collected evidence(client approved), and much more.

Very exciting times coming my way. Stay tuned for more as I get to it.

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